by chiccaboom

It’s amazing what one can find when procrastinating…

I came across two films that I MUST see once I have more time. The first, is called Margaret. I read about this in the Melbourne newspaper (The Age) and apparently this was originally filled 7 years ago! Some big names grace this film including (CANADIAN, WUT UP!) Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick! It looks like an amazing film, one where it will make me think and cry and laugh and leave the theatre feeling confused and possibly very unsatisfied-satisfied.

The second movie is called Take this Waltz, written and directed by Sarah Polly apparently (Canada’s sweetheart). And bonus…FILMED IN TDOT! amazing. Stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan, which in my mind is the most perfect couple ever! Can’t wait to watch it.