What they don’t tell you

by chiccaboom

I’m in my last haul for my Masters and I may be thoroughly screwed with an impending deadline this Friday. Yet here I sit perusing facebook and The Star (Toronto newspaper) and as of right now writing in this blog that no one reads.

While again procrastinating (I think I have a real problem) I came across an article in The Star that mentioned a book called 10 1/2 Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said by Charles Wheelan. It made me think back to my graduation. To be honest I don’t even remember who spoke at mine, nor do I remember anything spectacular about it; no memorable moments during the speech. I do remember being excited to take my photo once the ceremony was over. This article mentioned this book which is chock full of advice that no one ever tells graduating students! I can’t wait to get my hands on this gem. It’s always what people don’t tell you that is truly important.

I could use a bit of advice at the moment. As I near the completion of my masters I still feel as if I haven’t found my passion. I suppose some people go through life not having a passion, and that’s o.k. But I really want one!!! (in a whinging voice). I want to be inspired when I wake up and go to work. I don’t want a feeling of dread. Perhaps in this book that’s what they will tell me-that sometimes it’s o.k not to find your passion and instead, it’s more important to find something that you are good at? But again, I’m still not quite sure what I am good at…