Inspiring India!

by chiccaboom

I don’t know anyone who has traveled to India and has thought, you know…it sucked. If you ever get a chance GO! If you go, keep an open mind and don’t judge. If you judge you will miss out on everything India is trying to show you.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to India. I spent some time in Mumbai, a smalle town called Jamkhed and Delhi. All very different places. The people of India are beautiful. Rather, I should say the women of India are beautiful. It was stunning and a photographers dream! The bright colours of the saris and salwar chalmises against the dull brown/grey of the dusty roads and buildings was beautiful.

I wasn’t in India long enough to make a solid interpretation of the country. However, I was debating whether one can even come to a solid conclusion of India. India has so many extremes and then there is everything in between. You think you’ve got India down packed, but then you’ll see, hear or smell something and your impressions of the country are changed.

I know what I’ve seen in India will stay with me forever and inspire me to not only be a better person but to try and remember that what may seem like a huge problem to me is inconsequential to what some women of India have to face. Nevertheless, they smile, they laugh and they raise beautiful children. They take care of their families and in rural areas their entire villages. Women are the backbone of India and are what make that country so beautiful and worth returning to. I hope that when I return the treatment of the mothers, wives, sisters and daughter of India will have more rights and be treated with more respect.

For now I leave you with some beautiful photos I was able to take and ones that inspire me every time I look at them.

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