by chiccaboom

Today was a shitacular day in general. I work at a popular North American coffee house. I refrain from using the name just in case. Not that I am going to write anything particularly incriminating about this coffee house. In fact, I must admit that this coffee house treats their employees exceptionally well! Doubly in fact, I had to say that I really enjoy working at this coffee house. Too bad I’m not using their name-free advertising for them!

Anyways, like any new job there is a lot to learn. There is definitely a plethora of things to remember at my job. All the drinks, how to make the drinks, abbreviations for drinks etc…Then there is the random snarky customer who thinks that they are god’s gift to this freakin’ earth. Today I encountered one such customer. He barked that he knew exactly how his drink was made b/c he has an espresso machine at home and why wasn’t my machine doing what his machine was doing? Well you know what buddy? you can go screw yourself.

Of course I didn’t say that to him. What I did say was, “I’m new”. Smiled and continued making the drink exactly as I was b/c I was doing it correctly. I strongly dislike this customer. He is a regular. I will remember to avoid him next time.

Other negatives today: I cut myself, bruised myself, burned myself, had about 4 people barking at me the entire day, consumed about 500 or so calories in drinks which I devotedly swore I would not do today. The cherry on top-I have to work tomorrow at 5 am, it is now 11:30pm-In short, I am royally fucked.

Hmm I just had a strange thought. I use to read Elyse Sewell’s livejournal blog. Her blog was incredibly witty and entertaining to read. She had a flare for sarcasm and irony. Loved her style of writing. I haven’t read her blog in years. I wonder if it’s still up and running. (If you don’t know who Elyse Sewell is, she was the runner up winner on ANTM. That’s right, I watch that shit.)

Well I just googled her blog and it seems she has stopped writing since July 2009. Nonetheless, her blog was a hilarious account of the modeling world from the perspective of probably one of the most educated models working! I wonder what happened to her…