Klimt + Floge Sitting in a Tree…

by chiccaboom

A long while ago I read a novel called The Painted Kiss by Elizabeth Hickey. I mainly read the novel because I was intrigued that the story was about the artist Gustav Klimt and I wanted to know more about him. The novel is inspired by his real life and the people he knew, mainly a woman named Emilie Floge. Briefly, the novel is about the potentially romantic relationship that Gustav Klimt had with Emilie Floge. In reality, no one really knows if they had a romantic relationship or not but in my own opinion, something was there. Whether it was one sided (Emilie’s side) or not there was definitely something.

After reading this novel I was even more obsessed with not Klimt but Emilie Floge. The way Hickey portrayed her was endearing and hopeful. I googled Emilie’s name and was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was a creative and vibrant designer. I was going to type amateur, but I really don’t think so. Some of her designs were so ahead of her time. The prints that she used in her creations are those that could easily fit into today’s fashions. In fact, I wouldn’t mind donning some of her designs today.

Emilie Floge

Emilie Floge Painted by Klimt (1902)

If you go here you’ll see more pics and some designs by Emilie. Truly amazing! I couldn’t find many pics of her designs anymore. I’m not sure where I saw them last, but they’re out there!